IRAC form

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1. Word Document LEGAL BRIEFS.

1. Review the case entitled
Alden v. Presley found on pages 198 and 199 in the textbook as Critical Legal Thinking Case 10.3. Using IRAC, is Presley’s promise to pay the mortgage enforceable?

2. Review the case entitled Schultz v. County of Contra Costa, California found on page 232 of the textbook as Critical Legal Thinking Case 12.1. Using IRAC, can the contract be rescinded?

2. word document:

put this part in a an exta word document please

2. Review Ethics Case 10.7 on page 199 of the textbook. Answer the following questions:

a. What does the adage “A contract is a contract is a contract” mean?

b. Does Saban owe an ethical duty to pay Dees more money now that the Power Rangers is a successful brand?

c. Is Dees bound by the contract?

3. What is the importance of consideration? Why have courts created the necessity of consideration for the formation of a contract? Do you agree or disagree with this doctrine?

And again other separate word document so I do not get confused.3.Word document

1. Review the Critical Legal Thinking Case 18.4 on page 324. It is entitled Tri-State Petroleum v. Saber Energy, Inc. Tri-State admitted its breach but claimed that lost profits are an inappropriate measure of damages. Using IRAC, who wins?

2. Review the Critical Legal Thinking Case on Liquidated Damages on page 260 of the textbook. The case is entitled Uzan v. 845 UN Limited Partnership. You do not need to write in IRAC for these questions. How do liquidated damages differ from actual damages? Do liquidated damages serve an important business purpose?


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