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I have three upcoming assignments on same task..


That is a shot directly from the syllabus. There are three article review assignments. I have the articles in PDF form and it’s attached. 



These are the questions related to the first article…


Research Article # 1 Exercise (answer due) January 29, 2016, by 11:59pm (Friday)

     Gongaware & Dotter (2005). Developing the criminal self: Mead’s social psychology and

  Sutherland’s differential association. Sociological Spectrum 25:379-402.


  Select only one of the below research article questions to answer, place in appropriate dropbox titled 

Research Article # 1 Exercise:

A.  The authors (Gongaware and Dotter) presented an usual thought as they attempted to connect or explain the development of a “criminal self,” using Mead’s development of self (role taking, gaming and generalized others) and Sutherland’s differential association.  What idea or statement from the article provides (for you) the best insight into how these two theories connected can produce an explanation for the development of the “criminal self?”  Be detail, identify a specific statement or area/idea of the article that provide this information (to) for you.  You may have to provide a quote and stated page number to answer this task.


B.  After reading the article take the following statement and explain why either a 

“criminal self” or a non-criminal self may be developed (use the following statement to explain this idea: “… while the number of contacts is important, it is the quality of the interactions, and the internal process of translating those contacts into behaviors through the self, which makes the [the contacts] important” (Gongaware and Dotter, 2005, p. 396).



For these article assignments there is no page/word minimum. The only requirement is that the question is answered. I will attach the first article.


Need to answer the question. I didn’t think it would be more than about 2 pages. 


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