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Emotional intelligence in the workplace

If you were a consultant trying to improve the organizational problems in a company which of the Emotional Intelligence building blocks do you think would impact management’s ability to enhance employee performance and job satisfaction? _x000D_
Based on your research on motivational theory, describe which motivational theory you would utilize to influence the members of the organization and aid in helping to resolve the issue. Explain the importance of this theory in the workplace. Provide examples to support your solution. _x000D_
Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills and Decision Making: describe and analyze how the core concepts of emotional intelligence would enhance the decision making efficacy of the management team. Which motivational theory you would utilize to improve the organizational problems?_x000D_
 Effective Teams: describe the core attributes of an effective team and the strategies you would implement to develop team dynamics that will benefit the organization. How can you foster team work, strengthen interpersonal relationships and increase overall performance in the organization? _x000D_
Reward Systems _x000D_
*Create an effective reward system for the organization based on how you want to resolve the organizational issues (job satisfaction/productivity/lack of communication) Determine the strategies you would incorporate to motivate employees and influence behavior. How these rewards can help the organization?_x000D_


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