Access to Energy Data

Access to Energy Data (25% of grade)

C) Analyze your energy data at the end of the two-week period. What is the range of

values for daily electricity and natural gas usage? What is the average amount used

per day? Point out any interesting trends. For example, is more energy used on the

weekend than weekdays? Are there any sudden spikes or drop-offs in energy

usage? Explain the possible reasons for your findings.

– The range of values for daily electricity usage is 9 kWh and the range of

values for daily natural gas usage is 1 therm. The average amount for

electricity used per day is 6.8 kWh and The average amount for natural gas

used per day is 0.76 therms. Between October 29 and November 11, our

average electricity consumption is between 5kWh and 8kWh. On November

10, our electricity consumption was 14kWh. I think the reason for the increase

in electricity consumption may be due to the sudden change in the weather,

the temperature in the room is lower, so we turn on the heating and the

electricity consumption is higher than usual. In addition, during the time period

from 12P.M. to 6P.M. in the evening on November 10th, my family and I got

together to eat hot pot together. During this period, our power supply is

always connected to the socket, so this may also be the cause of the increase

in electricity consumption.

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