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Suna Deniz Madanoglu

English 1 #1930

Dr. Driscoll

September 17, 2017

‘’All knights at Camelot’’ :

Although it is clear that Tennyson was trying to express isolation, loneliness or love, I would like to argue what we need to examine is Tennyson’s relationship to Victorian period’s poetry perspective and self-despair. Firstly, I would like to argue that Tennyson expressed himself and his contemporaries’ relation with ‘’Lady of Shalott’’. Secondly, I would like to argue Tennyson’s hopeless situation because of the world he lived in. Firstly, I would like to argue that the problem of Victorian era’s poetry perspective raises the question of to what extent would Victorians count poetry as a business, I think the issue of how Tennyson deals with his contemporaries’ ignorance of his profession because according to Whitney Hoth, ‘’ ‘The Lady of Shalott’ is, in one dimension, Tennyson’s allegorical rejoinder to those utilitarian critics.’’. Secondly, I would like to argue that the problem of his desperate mood raises the question of the ways in which Tennyson's relation with the world that he lived. I think the issue of ……………… because ….…………….. .

I am not suggesting that the Victorian period was restricting poetry; however, my point is that Victorian era was underestimating power of poetry. It would be easy to argue that Tennyson is simply gave sharp answer to his coetaneous who taught poetry was no good to man or beast with ‘’Lady of Shalott’’ but the problem with such an approach is that it would seriously avoid any discussion of the sanctions or prohibitions of the Victorian era.

Firstly, I think we need to examine the question of Victorian period’s poetry view because Whitney Hoth claim that according to many Victorians, Tennyson had a useless occupation. For example, let us see what Hoth said about Victorians poetry perspective; Victorians hardly saw poesy as a real occupation. As Hoth says: ‘’Put plainly, many Victorians believed that poetry ‘’did’’ nothing, that it was merely idleness and frippery.’’. As we can see, Hoth clearly assert that Tennyson wrote ‘’Lady of Shalott’’ because he wanted to give answer to his contemporaries who think ‘’poetry ‘’did’’ nothing’’. To be more specific, according to Hoth,; meanwhile, although Tennyson loved writing about love or isolation in Lady of Shalott he tried to explain his taught with symbols such as Camelot, Lancelot, Lady, mirror and web. In other words,the poem represents more than things; hence, according to Hoth, Tennyson made many allegories in his poem. As for me he was trying to prove power of the poetry.


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