Analyze Potential Cybersecurity Risks

Analyze Potential Cybersecurity Risks

You are the information security manager (ISM) of a financial and  savings organization (NCU Financial Savings Bank, or NCU-FSB) with a  clientele base of 250,000 customers averaging 1.2 million transactions  per week. The IT infrastructure consists of 10 servers for each of the  three locations: five for local production and five for replication and  redundancy. After a recent vulnerability assessment performed by an  external firm, specific threats and vulnerabilities were identified and  needed to be addressed. The conceptual network diagram for NCU-FSB is  displayed in the Network Conceptual Diagram (attached)

The following findings were reported:

  • MAC address conflicts that need to be resolved between  telecommunications and network appliances (routers, switches, firewalls,  servers, etc…)
  • Security warnings coming from the proxy and email servers
  • Constant firewall alerts classified as high
  • Employee collusion in certain processes that can result in a significant financial loss to the organization
  • Inconsistencies in data transmissions
  • Attacks detected from external international sources caused by  multiple critical servers that have been compromised due to  vulnerabilities in the operating system, where the presence of  additional services, opened ports, additional dynamic link libraries  (DLLs), additional files and scripts added to the system partitions, and  critical data missing from the server issues were detected

As the newly hired ISM of the organization, you have been tasked by  the board of directors to analyze and layout a strategy to address risk  issues and what aspects or areas should be considered when performing a  security risk assessment. One of the first observations is the lack of  segregation of duties (SOD) to reduce any collusion, but you recognize  this could lead to an increase in the number of employees within your  team. Budgetary constraints are against the addition of employees in  your department.


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