answer communication question in essay form about theory in communication 1

Directions: Choose 5 of 8 questions to answer. Your answers should be typed and in essay form.

Expectancy Violation Theory: When is it appropriate and when is it inappropriate to violate expectations?

Uncertainty Reduction Theory: Think back on your initial encounters with your roommate, romantic partner, or friend. What strategy or strategies were employed to reduce uncertainty? Were there elements about the individual and the context of your meeting that motivated your quest to reduce uncertainty?

Social Judgment Theory: Describe the effect of source credibility on the process of making social judgments. What are the implications of this finding for persuasion?

The Rhetoric: Aristotle identified three types of speech situations. What are these three types of speaking? Provide a definition and example of each note whether they relate to the past, present, and future.

Media Ecology: Outline the principal characteristics of the four ages or epochs featured in McLuhan’s history of humanity.

Cultivation Theory: Dave is a heavy television viewer who watches TV every night after work, usually from 7 until 11 p.m. So what? What would Gerbner predict about Dave? Be as specific as possible. How does he differ from Barb who only watches an occasional home improvement show?

Speech Codes Theory: In your own words, outline the six propositions of speech code theory.

Standpoint Theory: Provide and discuss an example that contrasts how the powerful in society might define a concern or experience of a marginalized group with how members of the marginalized group themselves might perceive the same issue.


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