ARNP protocol and business proposal

Professional Profile

· My objective is to obtain a position as Family Nurse Practioner where I am able to deliver my knowledge to the organization by provides exceptional patient care.

· Highly motivated top producer, highly trained to deal with different cultural diverse people, strong problems-solving skills, able to adapt and find solution in any challenging situation. I am very reliable and always thrive to succeed in any varying work, able to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously and maintain calm in fast paced environment, Bi-lingual in both Spanish and English.

Professional Profile

· Goal and result-oriented.

· Disease management.

· Case Coordination.

· Skilled, communicative, persuasive and adaptable professional.

· Skill to plan, organize and provide clinical direction to other health care staff to enable the

Nursing care of inmate patients.

· Skill to provide inmate patient education to promote wellness and empower inmate patients to actively participate in health management.

· Time Management

· Able to prioritize patient ‘care in an organized manner.

· Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

· Multitasking person.

· Fast learner and well organized.

· Computer Skills (Microsoft word, excel, outlook).

· Bi-lingual (English / Spanish).

Professional Experience

2018 – Azure College

· Clinical Instructor

03/2011-present CH

· Admission Nurse

· Lead Admission Nurse for 2 years in Admission Department.

· Coordinate care ( order medication, DME, supplies, transportation)

· Communicate with MD to get orders.

· Report symptoms and concern to the team.

· Collect information from patient/family members.

· Explain program to patient/family members (good communication skills).

· Work with computer program (suncoast production) for documentation.

· Give care according to patient condition (continuous, routine or acute).

· Give emotional support.

05/2011-present THH

· Initial evaluation for new patients.

· Collecting data to complete care report form.

· Educate patient and Caregivers about disease process.

· Identifying and treating potential complications.

· IV therapy, wound care, safe medication administration, Document about patient’s condition and report any abnormal finding to MD.

· Cordination patient’s care.

· Discharge planning.

03/2010 to present BHC

· Admission and assessment of new patient.

· Supervisions, Recertification.

· Patient care delivers.

· Implementation of plan of care.

· Case coordination.

· Patient and family member’s education.

· Identify potential complication and report abnormal finding to MD.

· Discharge.

05/2010-06/2012 HNHF

· Safe medication administration.

· Patient teaching.

· Observe for medication adverse effect and report abnormal finding to MD.

· Implementation of plan of care.

· Identify issues or problem.

· Daily documentation about patient’s condition, interventions and evaluation of progress towards desire goals.


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