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Email and Social Networking Etiquette

Your assignment is to write a paper about email and social networking etiquette from the perspective of a business employee or business owner. For this assignment, social networking sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and twitter.

– ½ pt. will be taken off for each grammar, spelling, or punctuation error

– 1 pt. off for each sentence that is paraphrased/quoted but does not have a URL cited

Use 1 inch margins for the Word file, 12 pt. font, and single line spacing (use 1.0 line spacing) with double spacing between paragraphs. The paper must be a minimum of two full pages and a maximum of four pages.

Use the Advanced Search feature in Google. It doesn’t come up automatically as a choice in Google so enter “Google Advanced Search” in the regular Google search box. Then, click on Advanced search under the blue and white hourglass icon.

In the Advanced Search box, enter the key words you want to search for “email etiquette” or “social networking etiquette” or similar keywords. Also, enter edu as the domain. This way all the garbage .com web sites do not appear in the hits. Since I’ve found information on all of the required topics in the edu domain, the paper will be easier for you to write.

In your paper, you may use bulleted lists as long as you use a sentence to introduce the list with words such as “Recommendations for using salutations in emails follow:” Cite your sources. For this paper, just put the URL (web address) within parentheses at the end of a sentence that has been paraphrased from a source, i.e.(From ).

Use your own words. Do not use direct quotations off of the Internet. Do not copy and paste text directly from web sites because I can easily copy your phrases into Google and find out if you’ve done that and plagiarized the material.

In your paper, divide it into sections with side headings that address each of the following:

· Recommendations for subject lines in emails

· Recommendations for greetings (salutations) in emails

· Pros and cons/recommendations for attaching files to emails

· When shouldn’t you send an email? When should you use another method of communication?

· Tips for using or not using Reply to All or Respond to All.

· Attachments – why be careful of attaching photo files? Why are file attachments sometimes a problem for the person opening the file? What is the alternative to having a file attachment?

· Should you use text message or instant message abbreviations in a business setting?

· When should one “friend” a colleague or supervisor at work and when should one use Facebook vs. LinkedIn for communications with colleagues at work or at other businesses

· Etiquette of cell phone, smartphone, or mobile device usage during meetings

· Is it wise to be “on call” at work 24 hrs. a day only because you have Facebook friends at work or work friends who tweet you or use LinkedIn? How does one separate work from home life in this electronic age?

· Is it legal for employers to check potential employees’ social networking sites before hiring? What are some key items that should not be on a person’s social networking site or if they are there, how can you prevent potential employers from viewing all parts of your Facebook site?

· Cautions about your email address when applying for a job – what should you be careful about when creating an email address such as a Gmail address

· No references needed for the following: How many personal calls a day should an employee make at work? How many personal emails a day? How many instant messages a day? At what point, should a supervisor reprimand an employee for using business-owned equipment for personal usage? Is 5 minutes usage a day OK? Is 30 minutes a day all right? 2 hours a day? Is the concern about being paid to work but not working? Is the concern about misuse of business-owned equipment?


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