Below are the guidelines for your course paper. Please submit under assignments on Canvas. Papers…

Below are the guidelines for your course paper. Please submit under assignments on Canvas. Papers that are emailed will NOT be accepted.

1.) Paper should be between 5-7 pages in length. Page length does not include cover page or reference page. Short papers will be subject to additional point deductions for original thoughts and evidence criteria on the rubric. Double spaced, 12 font, & typed.

2.) Paper should be on ONE topic being covered by the news that you feel impacts your life or is relevant for the community. Please do not focus on the morality of human behaviors or lifestyles.

a. For example, Affordable Health Care Act, Gun Reform or 2nd Amendment protection, 2016 Presidential Election Campaign and investigations into Russian interference, immigration, Political Parties, etc.

3.) There needs to be at least 5 sources.

a.They must include: course textbook “American Democracy Now!”

b. They can also include (Academic Search Premier), , , , etc.

c. Avoid blogs and .com, Wikipedia.

4.) Works Cited Page and MLA/APA in text & works cited page citation. For example:

a.This concern has been expressed (Dover 118-21). Dover is the author. or Owl Purdue

5.)Outline suggestion:

a. Introduction paragraph. Introduction of your topic and why you chose it. Thesis statement sentence or main idea.

b. Body paragraphs. Information to support your main idea. These statements need to be supported by evidence from your sources.

c. Conclusion. Re-visit your topic and why you chose it. Reflect on the evidence you supplied. State your main idea, again. .

6.) See Rubric for grading.


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