boeing trends of operation mgmt


A. Trend: Select a current trend in operations management. Examples of current trends include total quality management, lean techniques, customization, green manufacturing, global competition, and agile project management. Why is the trend you selected important in operations management?

B. Organization: Select a service or manufacturing organization to which you can apply this trend. Examples of service organizations include UPS, car repair shops, and restaurants. Examples of manufacturing organizations include automotive manufacturers such as Toyota and computer manufacturers such as Dell. Why did you select your organization?

II. Organization

A. Goals: What are the organization’s goals? For example, is the organization working toward becoming more green for sustainability, becoming the leading low-cost supplier, or trying to be first in market share? How does the trend align with the goals of organization?

B. Resources: Identify the organization’s resources. Does the organization have the resources available to implement the trend? Explain.

C. Impact: Describe how the trend you selected will impact the goals and resources of your organization. Will the organization need to make any changes to its goals or resources in order to implement the trend?

D. Risk: Discuss the risk the organization will face if it implements the trend with its current resources. How does the availability of resources impact the organization’s risk in implementing the trend? If not all required resources are available, how does the risk increase with regard to the trend implementation?

III. SWOT Analysis: Perform a SWOT analysis on your organization. You can find an example template here. In your SWOT analysis, make sure to comprehensively discuss the internal and external factors affecting your organization.

IV. Continuous Improvement: For this section of your report, you will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and the continuous improvement tools and techniques your organization could use to make effective decisions to improve organizational effectiveness and increase advantages over the competition.

A. Strengths: You identified your organization’s strengths in your SWOT analysis. Now describe how the trend you selected will increase your organization’s strengths and advantages over the competition. In other words, how will the trend impact the organization’s strengths?

B. Weaknesses: You also identified your organization’s weaknesses in your SWOT analysis. Describe how your organization’s weaknesses make it difficult for the organization to compete. How will implementing the trend impact your organization’s weaknesses?

C. Recommendations: What recommendations can you make to help the organization make effective decisions to improve its weaknesses? What recommendations can you make to help the organization make effective decisions to capitalize on its strengths? How can these recommendations help the organization implement the trend and improve operations? D. Risk: Managing risk is part of improving operations. What potential risk does the organization face in implementing the recommendations to improve operations? Why?

E. Tools and Techniques: What continuous improvement tools and techniques could you suggest to the company to use in implementing the trend? Why? Explain your suggestions.

V. Longevity: Does the trend you selected have longevity in order to support sustainable operations? Will it remain relevant in operations management? In other words, do you see this trend in operations management continuing? Support your opinion with research or real-world examples.

VI. Conclusion: Now that you have examined the organization’s goals, resources, strengths, and weaknesses in relation to the trend you selected, evaluate the trend. Would you recommend that the organization implement the trend? Why or why not? Support your recommendation with research or real-world examples.


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