Brainstorming is a popular method for generating ideas, however it is often not conducted… 1 answer below »

WHY: Use brainstorming to generate ideas quickly in a group setting.
HOW: Brainstorming is a popular method for generating ideas, however it
is often not conducted properly (Cork, 2010). Brainstorming is more than
just coming up with a lot of ideas. Properly conducted, brainstorming uses
the power of a group setting to help stimulate new and bold ideas (Bird,
1995). A brainstorming session must be carefully set up so that the
environment is conducive to the generation of novel ideas (Hexam, 2012).
Some guidelines for brainstorming (Bird, 1995):
Brainstorming needs to be done in a way that allows a wide range
of ideas to emerge, but that also has a focus. Clarify the purpose of
the brainstorming session to help generate targeted ideas.
Arrange the setting to enable the group members to interact and
submit ideas while one designated person records all ideas.
Brainstorming sessions aim to generate as many ideas as possible.
During a brainstorming session, all judgement should be suspended
– no evaluation (positive or negative) should be discussed. Each
person should say the ideas that come to mind – they must resist
the temptation to ‘self-censor’ and withhold ideas. Remember, no
idea is stupid, and each idea will help prompt other ideas. This free
flow of associated ideas can result in great new ideas.
There are many variations of the brainstorming technique. In some
variations, random words, constraints or forced associations are used to
help prompt divergent ideas (Hexam, 2012)


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