Briefly describe your understanding of the relationship between anthropogenic climate change and… 1 answer below »

Lessons 8-10 focus on the book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Before you start reading the book, please explain your current beliefs about/understanding of biodiversity. Please note that there is no "wrong" or "right" opinion to have – it is merely an opinion. But I want you to take a moment to reflect on how you feel, and where that opinion comes from. Post the following three things for full credit. You will use these assertions after reading the book as well, so please think carefully about them. Please do not perform any additional research prior to posting: the purpose is for you to clearly indicate your thoughts right now: Briefly describe your understanding of the relationship between anthropogenic climate change and biodiversity. Briefly describe your understanding of the severity of the impact of human society on biodiversity. Briefly describe how urgent you believe it is that we address biodiversity loss on a global scale.

For each of these beliefs, briefly post the following: Identify why you think the way you do. How did you come to believe it? How thoroughly have you investigated your beliefs? E.g., is it something you learned or heard a while ago, and have not investigated it since? For each belief, indicate how strong your belief is (how confident you are in your position): very weak, weak, somewhat weak, neither weak nor strong, somewhat strong, strong, very strong.

Please make sure that your post is organized. I strongly suggest using numbers to identify each of your three beliefs.

After you post this in your journal, submit a direct link to your post here. Please make this a hyperlink so I can just click on it to open up your entry. On your journal post itself, make sure you put the lesson number and a descriptive title in the post's title.


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