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Requirements : apa format double space and 12 font,  references:Please follow directions to the fullest, answer each as directed: First make sure you define the word ” microagressions” and understand the true definition.

Microagressions “happen outside the level of awareness of well-intentioned individuals” (Wing Sue, 2007).

Last week you took part in a Discussion in which you shared your personal definitions and experiences with microagressions. You were asked to spend the next week listening for and being sensitive to microagressions taking place in the interactions of people around you and in the media. In preparation for this week’s Discussion, consider:

  • What have you learned about prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and microaggressions
  • Why discussions need to be supported and fostered by sensitivity and respect
  • What you noticed this past week with regard to microagressions during first-hand experiences, interactions you observed, and examples you noticed in the media


By Day 3:

Post your thoughts with regard to two of the following: 


  • Examples of microagressions that you noticed this past week and your response or possible responses
  • How tuning in to people’s interactions and the media broadened and deepened your awareness of and sensitivity to microagressions, discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes
  • Why it is vital that professionals in the early childhood field understand and be sensitive to the power of microagressions
  • Your thoughts with regard to Dr. Wing Sue’s statements that one of the “dangers” of microagressions is the perception that they cause minimal harm

Required Resources


  • Course Text:
    Ramsey, P.  G. (2015). Teaching and learning in a diverse world: Multicultural education for young children (4th ed.). New York: Teachers College Press. 
    • Chapter 6,  “The Context of Culture and the Natural Environment” (pp. 107-118, up to “Learning About and Challenging What Children Know, Think, and Feel about the Natural Environment”) 

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