Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Write a 300-500 word ‘mini-essay’ that responds to the question by making an argument and supporting that argument with evidence.

In your view, does the project of reconciliation outlined by the TRC final report, and specifically in the 94 Calls to Action, adequately address the legacy of colonialism? Or is reconciliation an inadequate (or inappropriate) response to the scope of injustice?

Additional instructions:

1.Required Sources: In your response, you must make reference to, and cite, the “Legacy” chapter of the TRC Final Report (pp. 135-183), The TRC’s 94 Calls to Action, and Courtney Jung’s article, Eight Reasons to Worry.

2.Thesis Statement: Your essay must have a thesis statement in which you respond to the question, take a clear position, and give reasons. Your thesis statement is the main argument of your essay. It should be one of the first few sentences. Consult the Thesis Statement handout on Quercus for more information.

3.Argument: The remainder of your essay should focus on making a persuasive argument that supports your thesis statement with evidence. Consult the Making a Persuasive Argument handout on Quercus for more information.

4.Additional Sources: In addition to the three required sources, you may use other materials including lectures from this course. You are not permitted to use outside materials.

5.When you use an idea from another source, you should cite it appropriately in the Chicago author-date format, and include a reference list (or bibliography). Consult the Citing, Quoting, Paraphrasing handout on Quercus for more information on effective citation practices.


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