Civil Liberties Violated in the Tulia Incident Case Study

Civil Liberties Violated in the Tulia Incident Case Study

Answer one of the following in a well-developed essay. Your essay should incorporate lecture material, any assigned reading, and your own ideas; and should demonstrate thoughtful analysis and critical thinking.The essay ought to be 2-3 pages (500 -750 word)

1. What is the significance of “A Class Apart?” In what ways did the victory in Hernandez v. Texas benefit Mexican Americans?

2. Outline the civil liberties that were violated in the Tulia incident. Discuss the ramifications in terms of racial discrimination

3. How effective is the current border fence? Discuss the pros and cons of the wall, be sure to include the implications the wall has had on land owners, the environment and whether it has actually met its goals. Is a wall the solution?

4. The President declared a state of emergency at the southwest border, including the Rio Grande Valley. Do you think we have an emergency? From the articles “The Surge” and “Zero Tolerance” discuss the impact restrictive immigration measures have had in the RGV.

5. Explain the main provisions of DACA and DAPA. Do you think the policies are a good remedy in terms for immigration reform? Discuss the role the state of Texas has played in attempting to end DACA. What should the State of Texas do in terms of policy for DACA recipients and undocumented students in terms of tuition, grants, and scholarships?


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