Climate Change Causes Islands to Disappear

Climate Change Causes Islands to Disappear

Discussion 4: Climate change causes Islands to disappear

Minimum Requirements: On each of the weekly discussion boards, students must post at a minimum of 200 word count.

1. Make a post – 10 points

2. Comments to at least two of your fellow students’ post – 10 points

Hinds Science Standard: Students learn how to integrate the concepts from the earth, life, and physical sciences as well as the most current data on climate systems. Students will understand the phenomena of climate change, the justification for these phenomena, and why these phenomena are both scientifically and socially important.

Is climate change causes Islands to disappear?

With the world heating up, drastic rises in sea level mean whole islands are literally disappearing. It’s an extraordinary sight, and proof positive we must do more, right now.

Explore what the future may hold, and ask yourself …

  1. Explain the elements of climate and analyze the earth’s energy balance that affects climate change. (What is climate change?)
  2. Identify various sources of evidence used to chart climate and apply the evidence to determine the proximate and ultimate causes. (What is responsible for climate change and how do we know?)
  3. Analyze the impact of climate change on environmental, biological and social systems. (Why does climate change matter?)
  4. Compare climate change mitigation and adaptations strategies (macro and micro) in light of environmental, economic, political, and ethical impact. (What can we do?)
  5. What evidence helps to justify claims relating to climate, climate change, and mitigation.


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