Community Gardening Incorporation

Community Gardening Incorporation

Read the following case on Community Gardening Inc., then respond to each of the questions below:

Community Gardening Inc.

Every gardening project at Community Gardening Inc. requires committed volunteers. Volunteers contribute a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to various programs in an effort to address their mission of “cultivating community through sustainable urban agriculture”. Volunteers bring abundant skills, fresh ideas, and extra hands to help with garden activities. Volunteers in our organization often join because they care about the project and its participants. They may want to be more involved in their communities, meet new people, and “make a difference.” Sometimes they become involved because their children are in the program, or they want to be associated with a worthy community effort.

Respond to each of these questions by due date in syllabus:

  1. –What may be some of the different types of volunteers seen in this organization?
  2. –What should you do to ensure volunteers continue to be motivated and happy?
  3. –How can you evaluate volunteers in this case?
  4. –What methods can you use to recognize volunteers in this organization?

By the Saturday following the due date listed on the syllabus at 11:59pm, post a response to one other student. To earn full credit, make sure that you add to the discussion (rather than simply agree or disagree with another student). To add to the discussion, you can reference reading material, such as your text book, or personal examples from your experience.

Points –

.75 for your original post.

.25 for responding to at least one other student’s posting.


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