Computer System 2

In this assignment you will optimize code and get it to run faster using techniques you have learned in this course.


You will measure code execution time using a ‘Timer’ of your choice.

The code for this assignment has an outer loop and an inner loop. The inner loop computes the sum of the numbers in an array (preloaded earlier in the program). The outer loop repeats the inner loop’s computation the specified number of times. You should maintain this loop structure as you optimize this code. In particular: you should still have an outer loop that runs as many times as it does in the starter code you should not change the size of the array or its data type do not modify any elements of the array your inner loop should still compute the sum of all the elements of the array.


Yes, it’s silly code, but it’s a good way to measure performance improvements. If you make fundamental changes such as the ones above, you don’t meet the spirit of the assignment.

The basic idea is to change the contents of the inner loop to make the computation run faster while having it still repeatedly compute the sum of the array elements. The code that you should start with is attached here.

Do not use the optimization features of the compiler. I will be compiling your code with all compiler optimizations turned off.

Your code must meet performance as well as function/style/format conventions.

Note: late assignments will not be accepted for this assignment, it’s the end of the term and there will not be time to grade late assignments. Plan accordingly!

Assignment Solutions