Consumer and Environmental Regulation in Global Economy Discussion

Consumer and Environmental Regulation in Global Economy Discussion


Environmental problems have frequently been described as collective action problems. How does the model of the tragedy of the commons help to analyze environmental problems? What are the factors that determine whether or not collective action that addresses these problems will take place? What kind of solutions does the market (e.g. green consumption) offer and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to political solutions (e.g. legislation)?


The answer should be provided in an essay format and relate to both the conceptual or theoretical arguments the authors provide as well as to the empirical evidence (statistical, ethnographic, or historical) they employ. It should be 5 to 6 pages long (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font).

Also, recommended number of direct quotes is only 2-3! Paraphrasing is preferred.

Texts and referencing:

I attached the texts…

For the Szasz reading, the whole book is uploaded but the pages required are pages 1-8; 99-103; 194-222.

No bibliography is required.

For in text citations, just (Last name, page number) is fine.

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