Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright and Fair Use (Objectives 3, 4)

Explore these sites:

Here are some links that have copyrights for kids


Also, review the Know Your Copyrights document located in this weeks module. (This is a pdf document for you to review).

For this assignment you are going to create TWO sets of guidelines for the use of classroom materials, both paper and web-based materials. One of these guides will be for other teachers at the school you might be working at in the future to help them follow copyright and fair use polices. Add a paragraph to the beginning of the guide to tell teachers about copyright and fair use. Be sure to use items from the resource Copyright and Fair Use for Teachers (3rd resource link) from the section “Copyright and Fair Use Cheat Sheet”.

The second guide will be guidelines for students in the grade you wish to teach. Be sure to include all the kinds of resources you will use in your teaching practice.The guidelines should be in a format that is comfortable for you to use as you work in the schools.Create a second set of guidelines for the students in the grade you plan to teach so they use printed and web-based material correctly.Each guide should be at least one page. Make sure you put the Student Guide in basic language for them to understand.


See attachment for example of the work #1

Know your copyrights Document see attachment #2