correct the writing mistakes on the report add anova statistical inference 2 samples engineering stats

So this is a first draft of report that I have done. I attached all the mistakes from the professor that needs to be corrected as possible and it is mostly writing mistakes also you can add the stuff she mentioned.

The second part, we need more methods to apply such as anova, 2 statistical inference of two samples of two months of arson and any other statistical methods that could be helpful such as confidence intervals etc..

The third part state the hypotheses and proposed outcomes clearly because I failed to do that.

once you have done that you have to add up for the abstract and conclusion something to reflect for the final project.

The fourth part add more stuff to the report that could make better.

I am very busy with these exams and I please you to be good at what you doing;otherwise, if your help wasn’t helpful that I am going to refund the money and this is my second time asking for this project so I was disappointed from the first request because I couldn’t use much!!

Example of anova method I received attached which doesn’t make a sense to me or for the professor but it can be done to be more useful!

It needs someone who knows something about mini-tab and excel.

attached the report, our base data, and example of anova that was wrong because the sample number supposed to be 51 not 54 and it needs to draw the graph on minitab.

I got helped from here but it wasn’t that great or what I am looking for so if you are going to take of this project


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