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Lin Zhang

Ms. Key

Writing 3

21 April  2016

Ted Cruz Should Get Your Vote

                It’s time to change your life if you vote for Ted Cruz, because he can make Americans’ lives better. All the candidates have put forward their own political ideas, and each candidate is trying to pull more votes with his or her new ideas. The citizens’ votes determine the welfare of the citizens and the state’s policies in the next four years, so every citizen should treat voting with caution. Cruz also raised his stance on issues about health care, immigration, and taxes.

                Healthcare is closely related to everyone, so Cruz put forward a better health care plan. Obamacare requires that all American citizens have to buy health insurance; if not, they must pay a fine. This has increased the burden on people, but also increased the national health expenditure. Ted Cruz says:

“That’s why I have consistently opposed Obamacare and will begin the process of repealing and replacing this disastrous law from the first days of my administration as President. We literally cannot afford to have Obama’s signature failure continue to drag down our economy, destroy what’s left of our health care market, and punish American families. I will repeal Obamacare and replace it with health care that’s personal, portable, and affordable, and stops getting in between patients and their doctors.” (Cruz)

If his claim is carried out, it will greatly reduce the cost of people’s insurance, but also reduce the economic burden of people. That’s what most Americans want.

                Cruz also has his own ideas for illegal immigrants. Cruz claims to ensure border security. Illegal immigrants can be granted legal residency status in the United States, but not citizenship. “It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What is missing is the political will to get it done. And, as president, I will get it done. We will secure the borders” (Cruz). Cruz’s immigration ideas try to better protect the personal safety of citizens. Apart from this, Cruz also proposed to abolish the birthright citizenship. “Birthright citizenship was not intended to legalize the children of people who are breaking the law by entering and staying in the country illegally. I will take steps to pass legislation or a constitutional amendment to end it” (Cruz).

                For taxes, Cruz has a simple flat tax plan. Cruz’s tax plan is to raise people’s economic income and provide more jobs, thus relieving the pressure on the citizens. Cruz stated:

“Imagine 4.9 million new jobs. Instead of Obama’s income stagnation, imagine average wages rising 12.2 percent over the next decade. Capital investment rising 43.9 percent. And every income-level seeing double-digit increases in after-tax income. Imagine exports and manufacturing jobs booming. Our trade deficit falling as the tax bias against American made goods is eliminated. Imagine a 10 percent income tax, with every American filling out his or her taxes on a postcard or iPhone app. And abolishing the IRS as we know it.” (Cruz)

Cruz is trying to provide more benefits to the American people, but not by raising taxes to achieve it. The Simple Flat Tax is a critical first step to restoring the promise of growth and prosperity in America.

                In addition to the above claims, Cruz also put forward his own views on Education. Cruz thinks every American, regardless of how much money they have, no matter where they live, has the right to receive education.

                It is undeniable that if Cruz becomes president, the American people could live a better life. Cruz will provide a safer living environment for citizens, and citizens’ interests will be better protected. It’s time for the next American revolution; it’s time to reignite growth in your economy. The best way to do that is voting Ted Cruz!