create a pasture species decision guide using the species list provided. You will need to decid…

Developing and using a pasture decision guide to select pastures for mixed enterprises
There are many species and varieties/cultivars available for incorporation into pasture systems. Selecting the right species depends on environmental conditions, soil physical and chemical properties and the proposed use of the pasture (eg. permanent vs short-term, cropping rotations, conserved forages, dryland or irrigation systems, target markets).
Your tasks in this assessment are:
1. To create a pasture species decision guide using the species list provided. (40%) You will need to decide the criteria that should be included in the guide – some criteria, identified in class discussions, are part of the attached species list. You may wish to add other criteria. Remember to keep the end user in mind.
2. To use the decision guide to prepare recommendations for 3 farm scenarios. (60%) You will be given information about 3 mixed farming enterprises located in different agricultural zones in Western Australia. Using your pasture decision guide you will need to develop a pasture plan for each location, giving details of the rotation to be implemented for each paddock for the next five (5) years. You will need to consider the options for a mixed farming system (crops and livestock), based on the soil information provided together with potential paddock use options. For each location, you need to explain the choices you have made and where/how the species would fit into the farm system. Pastures will be used for providing feed to livestock, either through grazing or fodder conservation (for home use or sale).


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