Criminal Justice Criminal Case Study

Criminal Justice Criminal Case Study


I will give you your group a different crime to look up, and a theory to apply. The group will discuss how the theory(ies), as well as the different concepts and perspectives associated with the theory(ies), can be applied to the crime. Basically, I am looking to gauge whether or not you “get it.” If you can show how the elements and perspectives can be explained or applied to the crime, then you will have demonstrated to me that you understand the basic concept. I will you very basic details of the crime – it is your job as a group look up the crime details of the crime, as well as the theory I give you to apply.

Part of this assignment is to conduct research, for both the and theory, so that you can properly apply the theory.

As you prepare the presentation, you should ask yourselves:

Your presentation should include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • § A BRIEF summary of the crime.
  • § Explain the theory/perspective fully. Provide a definition of the theory. This means you mustexplain what the theory is and says, including the person who came up with the theory, whatgroup the theory was aimed at, and the basic assumptions and tenets of the theory.
  • § Explain how this theory applies to the crime.
  • § You should provide examples of how the theory applies.
  • § You should also use other information discussed in class, such as statistical data, and/orperspectives associated with the theory or concept.
  • The case you are to research and discuss is:
  • 1. In 2007 Lisa Nowack drove 900 miles to kill her lover’s fiancé.
    • Based on the information you gathered about this crime, please explain how Victim Precipitation Theory applies to this crime.

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