Critical Issue in Health Equity

Critical Issue in Health Equity

Your goal is to write an essay that explores a current topic according to ‘what others’ have said about it and that begins to illuminate the current state of the field at this time. Therefore, this is not an opinion piece. It is instead an opportunity for you to learn what others have said about your topic (such as pros/cons; challenges/rewards; next steps) based on their research and experiences that can inform your knowledge and understanding. Your paper will reflect your research findings/evidence with appropriate citations to provide a brief but thoughtful academic overview of your topic. Your essay should have an introduction and a conclusion to help your readers see its overall point and structure, and should be organized so that readers can easily follow your thinking. Your Introduction should include a Purpose Statement. Essay


1. Introduction – Introduction should engage the reader, provide appropriate background information to frame the topic, and assert your main purpose (include purpose statement and underline it).

2. Body (Determine 2-3 Subheads as Appropriate for Context and Purpose Statement) – Each paragraph should relate to the point(s) you are making, connect to the paragraphs around it, and connect to the overall purpose of your essay. Use subheads for organizations such as pros/cons, challenges/rewards, problems/next steps. Subheads based on analysis of your 4-5 sources.

3. Conclusion/Summary – Concluding paragraph(s) should summarize main points and link to your Purpose statement in the Introduction.

4. Reference Page/Annotated Bibliography – Citations for sources used in your paper plus annotation for each source. Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographic citations with 2-4 sentence descriptive notation) using your field’s preferred Style (APA)


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