critical thinking help

critical thinking help

Aristotle defines persuading through personal character as our belief that a person is unbiased and has nothing to gain by lying to us. 2020

Describe a time when you chocritical thinking helpose to believe in “the person” giving you some sort of information rather than in the situation which, at least on the surface, appeared to be much different from what the person you trusted was saying to you about the situation.

  • In the end, who did you choose to believe? The trusted person or the “impersonal” situation?
  • If you had to do it over again, which one would you have trusted?



Examining Tu Quoque Fallacies.
Please respond to the following: critical thinking help

  • Describe a time when you were guilty of the fallacy of Tu Quoque. (If you have ever said, Yes, I did X but she did Y first, then you have committed a Tu Quoque fallacy.)
  • Explain honestly whether you thought that justifying your behavior based on the behavior of someone else legitimized your own behavior in some way.
  • Explain whether you think that you will respond in the same way if a similar challenge is raised again.



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