culture Buddhist

culture Buddhist

o Please select a culture (Buddhist) and as a group compare the modern day 21st century culture to its predecessors, is this culture authentic and connected to its roots? The selected a unique way to describe this culture to the class including its leaders, economy, people and problems. Lastly describe how different life is in the culture compared to the United States of America.

o You must use at least three separate sources of information (books, newspaper articles, etc.) and use proper MLA citation throughout the brief research paper.  One of your selected sources must be the course text book.

o The paper itself must be three (3) pages in length, double spaced, 12-point font, standard margins, and contain works cited page (which does not count towards the three pages in length requirement).

o Students must all select a different culture that’s not their native culture.

All students will be required to briefly (3-5 minutes) present your profiles orally on the due date. You may utilize overhead projector or Power Point or Prezi for this short oral presentation to share relevant photographs of your culture. Notecards or an outline is permissible but students may not simply read from his or her written assignment.