Current Issues in Educational Technology

Research and analyze a current or emerging issue in educational technology. Choose an issue from one of the websites listed in the Week Four Resources document. If you wish to explore an issue that is not listed, you must check with your instructor for permission. Research your topic in the Ashford University Library and through search engines to learn more about all aspects of your chosen issue. Initial PostFor your initial post, explain why you chose the issue you selected. What is the importance of the issue to education? Write a brief summary (minimum 300 words) about the issue to teach us about this topic. Make sure you explain the main points of both sides of the issue. Finally, locate and include three credible sources that focus on the issue so your classmates can learn more about your topic. These sources are in addition to the ones you found while researching your topic (which should also be listed). Make sure you include the following in your initial post, which is due by Day 3:

  • A statement of why you chose the issue and its’ importance to education
  • Your summary of the issue (including both sides or main points)
  • References for sources you used to learn about the issue
  • Three credible sources that focus on the issue so classmates can learn more about your topic

Current and Emerging Issues in Educational Technology Week Four Resources 

Required Resources

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