Currently, it is obvious that there are a large number of international students come to the…

Currently, it is obvious that there are a large number of international students come to the United States. I am the one of them. I was thinking about study in America since I was in elementary school, and it was a dream for me at that time. There are plenty of reasons in terms of why I want to study in America. In order for me to study the major that I like, get practical skills, and have a good study environment, it is important to come here.
I am here because I could study the major that I like here. This is because when I was in Chinese university, my major was software engineering and mechanical engineering. The reason why I choose that major just because I like mechanical engineering. However, if I want to study it there I have to learn software engineering too and I cannot drop it. In addition, in China, usually students cannot transfer from one university to another university. Therefore, in order to only focus on mechanical engineering, I just dropped out and came here.
I am here because in America I can learn the practical skills. There is no doubt that the United States has the one of the best education in the world. Facilities in American universities are usually better than Chinese universities. There are many labs here. However, in Chinese universities, students usually only learn the knowledge from textbooks and professors’ lecture, so it is difficult for me to get my own experience. Thus, my greatest hope is I can learn some practical skills here instead of only theories.
I am here because American University usually has good study environment. This is because most of Chinese university students only want to graduate and they do not care about whether they can get
good grade or not, but in America it is different, many students here have great passion of learning. Accordingly, I think American University has better study learning atmosphere which can help me make more effort on study.
In conclusion, studying the major that I like, learning the practical skills, and having good environment are the three reasons why I am here. At first, I always warried about it would be very hard for me to study here because of the new language and new culture, but now, I think I have already adapted this new environment and ready for some new challenges.


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