Define each personality type

Define each personality type

1. Define each personality type and trait and discuss the major differences between them. (20 points)


2. Briefly define the need for intimacy. How does the need for intimacy differ from the need for affiliation? (20 points)


3. From the eight pictures below, choose two and write a short essay for each one. Your task is to fully describe, in story form, your interpretation of the two pictures. After you have finished writing the interpretive stories, analyze them using the list of assumptions from Lesson 5, along with Murray’s list of needs. See “Partial list of psychological needs (adapted and abridged from Murray, 1938)” in Chapter 5 of Perspectives on Personality.


Be sure to indicate clearly which picture you have chosen to write about.


Your grade will be based on the degree to which you analyze your stories using the assumptions. (This link will open a PDF document and requires Adobe Reader (Links to an external site.)


Links to an external site.

to view or print.) Include references to Murray’s list of needs.


Note that you are not required to address all of Murray’s needs. Not all stories address all the needs. Just choose the needs that are most relevant to your two stories. Your instructor cannot tell you whether your analyses are “correct,” so he or she will be looking for evidence that you’ve applied to your own stories the guidelines and considerations we’ve been talking about.


At the end of your analyses, please summarize your belief about the degree to which the TAT was useful in describing your true personality.



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