Defining and understanding the elements of a group cultur

Defining and understanding the elements of a group cultur

 Defining and understanding the elements of a group culture is essential to forging a professional identity either online or in person. These elements are important because they reflect how professionals interact, whether online or in person. Report about the industry culture of a group of people within the workplace, preferably your career field industry culture. Nurse

·     Language and Behaviors

·        Language would focus on these elements in terms of an industry culture. For example, is there a special vocabulary or terminology used for the profession?

·        Behaviors – For example, what type of demeanor is expected? Are there body language expectations?

·     Attitudes and Beliefs

·        What are the main ethics rules of the profession?

·        What beliefs does the profession focus on as a whole?

·     Values and Interest

·        What are the core values of the profession?

·        How does this support the attitudes and beliefs of the profession?

·     Education and Trainings

·        What types of trainings or certifications are needed to continue in the profession?

·        Are you required to have a specific level of college degree?

·        Do you need to renew a license or certification every several years?

·     Tools and Equipment used

·        What types of tools and/or equipment are required for the job?

·        Do you need training to use these?

·     Interactions with others

·        What other groups will you interact with in the workplace? How will you need to interact with others in the workplace?

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