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Selection, Screening and testing and recruitment of candidates

Applicant screening and the common procedures used to set the stage for a sequential selection process to be reviewed:

Differentiate between employee screening and employee selection; Describe the advantages and disadvantages associated with several widely used screening tools, including biographical data, application forms, résumés, work experience, and reference checks; Define the legal and psychometric status of each approach to screening; Propose an effective multi phase screening program appropriate to the position requirements for any particular job.

Applicant testing in diverse companies specialize in mechanical, tech sales

Describe psychological tests and their use in selection;

List the advantages and disadvantages of using some of the more popular selection testing procedures, including personality and ability testing;

Explain the importance and limitations of cognitive ability testing;

Describe the Five-Factor Model of Personality and its relationship to employment testing;

Evaluate the potential of work samples, simulations, and assessment centers as selection procedures;

Explain how both test validity and test utility can be used to evaluate testing effectiveness;

Describe how job applicants may view the use of different employment tests;

Describe controversial testing methods related to honesty or integrity, physical fitness, and drug use.


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