Discrimination and Inequality Essay

Discrimination and Inequality Essay


The final essay will include a literature review, and one of the annotations for EVICTED or LAND OF OPEN GRAVES, to construct an essay in which theory is applied. This means that this essay will give you the opportunity to test the applicability of one of the two theories that we discussed in our forum formats—INTERSECTIONALITY or STANDPOINT (we will leave out Social Reproduction Theory)—to one of the ethnographies read and discussed in class.Thus, you will select one theory and one ethnography (in annotated form). A key objective of this assignment is to begin to discern which theories apply best to existing materials or information.In a way, there are no really ‘good’ or ‘bad’ theories in social science research and writing…meaning that it is often how we apply or use such theories (badly, weakly, forcibly) that matter. The structure/format of your final essay should include and look as the following.


TITLE PAGE: (this is separate from the main body of the essay…and needs to include your name, semester, course number and title, instructor’s name, and the title of the essay). Create a title that guides you. One that you feel comfortable with, almost like a signpost of what is to come.

I. INTRODUCTION (1 page): Here you will introduce your topic and goals of it. What is the purpose of this essay? How is it structured and what are the key points that it makes. Essentially, it provides a coming blueprint of your piece. In this case, it should include the theory you will review and how it will be applied to the ethnography selected.

II. THEORETICAL LIT REVIEW—INTERSECTIONALITY or STANDPOINT (3 pages): This will be a theoretical literature review of one of the theories discussed in our discussion board: Intersectionality, Standpoint (we will leave Social Reproduction Theory out of this assignment).I will provide 3 articles sources per theory. You also need to include TWO sources of your own. Use what you found in your discussion forum to assist you. Thus there should be 5 scholarly/academic sources for the theory you selected: three that I provided, plus two of your own. I highly recommend JSTOR or equivalent to ensure a scholarly article. Use or library search option to search for books, though because of our online environment, it may not give you the time to actually consult them.

A literature review has ‘something in mind’ not just a listing of sources.In our case, we want to understand, explore, and/or expand on current sociological theories. In a literature review you engage theory and author, and make connections and synthesis. This means that it is not just a paragraph or half a page per author/theory, and then go to the next one.A good lit review goes beyond that.Thus, your theoretical lit review needs to be framed as such: How is this theory defined, proposed, defended, challenged, critiqued, used…?What are the main points, arguments, positions of each article and author.Do they have similar views, contrasting ones? Can you make the authors “dialogue” with each other? For example…’Jones states that….however, Garcia points out….’.Or, ‘both Jones and Garcia argue/agree that…’. You also need to cite directly each article at least once, using any citing style you wish or know (APA, Chicago, MLA).

III. ANNOTATIONEVICTED or LAND OF OPEN GRAVES. If you use the annotation for EVICTED and you turnedit in previously, make sure you heed any feedback that I gave to you individually as well as what I stated to all in my group email on suggestions, trends, and tendencies of such annotation if it applies.For the few who did not turn in, use the one-page guidelines I provided last, as well as my group email.If you select to annotate LAND OF OPEN GRAVES for this essay and you submitted and received feedback for EVICTED, use such feedback and apply it to the LAND OF OPEN GRAVES annotation.For the rest, use the guidelines mentioned above.

IV. APPLICABILITY OF THEORY (2 pages): In this part you use the theory you have selected to review—INTERSECTIONALITY or STANDPOINT—to make sense or give meaning to either EVICTED or LAND OF OPEN GRAVES. In this section, you need to cite directly (quotation marks, year, page number) at least 2 of the 5 sources reviewed. The better your annotation was and the more you participated in theory forum discussions, the easier this section should be.

V. CONCLUSION (1 page): Here you wrap it all up. Retaking the overall objective of the essay assignment, and your final statements on what was accomplished. Also, what you have learned or taken from this endeavor.


BIBLIOGRAPHY/REFERENCES:This section should have at least 6 sources—the 5 sources used in the Lit Review and EVICTED or LAND OF OPEN GRAVES.

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