Discussion 2 : Values Consistent With Social Work Practice

While counseling clients, it can be tempting for social workers to rely on their own set of values and ethical principles. Although the intention here is a good one, social workers must remember that, when working, their values need to be consistent with those of social work practice. The video case study featuring Eboni is a good example of what kinds of consequences can arise when a social worker is led by a personal set of ethics and values. For this Discussion, watch the video about Eboni and consider how you would respond to her during this particularly difficult time in her life. Be sure to include what kinds of supports are available for a pregnant teen.


Post your answer to the following questions:


·      After watching the video about Eboni, describe her response to the situation in terms of her developmental stage. How would you, as a social worker, respond?


·      What do you think are the most important messages for Eboni to understand at this point in her life span?


·      Also, explain which concepts/values, consistent with social work practice, you would try to reinforce.


·      Be sure to include what kinds of supports are available for a pregnant teen.


References (use at least 2)



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