Discussion Board Assistance

Discussion Board Assistance


Two Discussion Board Questions Forum 4 and Forum 5

400-500 words each  forum

Reading and video material from weeks 6 and week 8


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Reading and video will be week 6 for forum 4 and week 8 for forum 5 for the below assignments


Discussion Board Forum 4 question

  • Presentation: The Middle East, Muslims, and Christians
  • Presentation: Islam and Counseling
  • Article: Islam, Terrorism, and Counseling


After reading and reviewing the material in this module/week’s Reading & Study folder, reflect upon what you have learned and include pertinent aspects in your answers to the following questions:

What are 3 themes that stand out in helping you understand Arab Muslims better? Include 1 theme out of these that helps you better understand Islamic extremist terrorism. Note that terrorism is not being excused in asking you to understand something about it. Indeed, you should have a balanced perspective. What is 1 question you would like to ask Rheam that Dr. Garzon did not?


Discussion Board Forum 5 question

  • Presentation: The White Population
  • Presentation: The United States – Seeking a Balanced Perspective
  • Presentation: Religious Diversity
  • Presentation: Ethical Principles in Working with Religiously Different Clients
  • Article: Informed Consent Samples for Christian Integrative Treatment
  • Website: Forgiveness in Community Cultural Contexts
  • Website: Rethinking Integration – A Prodding Case in Brazil
  • Website: Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


While from different cultural backgrounds, what similarities do you observe between Mahito’s cultural experience in the U.S. and Orlando’s? What differences do you note? How might the Christian worldview impact your perception of Mahito’s and Orlando’s experience? Include at least 1 similarity or difference that is unique compared to your classmates who have posted their threads before you. Include pertinent aspects of the assigned reading and/or material in your observations.



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