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The topic is 

  1. Should talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving be illegal?


develop a planning strategy for your persuasive speech based on the following five criteria for an effective speech:

  1. need for credibility
  2. need for intellectual stimulation
  3. need for creativity
  4. need for relevance
  5. need for emphasis

Use these criteria to answer the following questions about your own speech:

  • How would you demonstrate that you are a credible speaker on this subject?
  • How would you keep the audience thinking and learning about your topic?
  • How would you make the speech creative?
  • How would you demonstrate that this topic is relevant to the audience’s needs and interests?
  • How would you emphasize your main points so that the audience will remember those points after the speech? 
  • Using your persuasive speech topic, describe the ethical considerations (standards) that you have to maintain when giving your speech.
  • What are the specific purpose and the thesis of your upcoming persuasive speech?
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