econ 2030 take home exam 3

You are assigned six states in the US to research on the BLS website. You will find your list of states in the attached Excel file “exam 3 state assignments.xlsx”. Please follow the web links and instructions below to find the data you need. I have created a word document with blank versions of the tables below. Type your results and submit them as a Microsoft Word document either via email attachment or via uploading the file to the Exam #3 Canvas assignment. I have given examples of the data collection and calculations for the state of Alabama for your reference. When you are asked to calculate a value, you must give three decimal places of data. If you have questions on how to correctly round a number, please email me.

  • Type your response to the compare/contrast question below.
  • Type your data into the blank tables provided on the following pages.
  • Indicate what state the data covers by replacing the highlighted “STATE #” cell with the name of the pertinent state.
  • For any calculated values, you MUST provide THREE DECIMAL PLACES. Examples:
  • o 57.44282% rounds to 57.443%

    o 57.51827% rounds to 5.518%

    o 63.77599% rounds to 63.776%

  • Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format) by attaching it to an email or by uploading it to the Canvas assignment.
  • Once you have collected the data, write 6-8 complete sentences comparing and contrasting the economies of the states you were given. What similarities do you see? What patterns hold across all or most of the states? What differences do you see?


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