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Poetry Response

                There are two really significant things individuals have to know in this world, this first thing is know how to deal with the relationship with others. The second thing is know how to deal with the relationship with your self, and that is loneliness. Sometimes everyone is talking but no one is listening, that is the loneliness of the group, The city is desolate than the desert, that is the social loneliness. When i was struggling to find my soulmate that is spiritual loneliness. In this poetry “ The Jewel Stairs Grievance” by Li Bai shows a imprison lady in the Palace, she seems like waiting for someone can help her or can save her from the prison. She is very lonely, because nobody can talk with her, only herself is in the prison. The poetry doesn’t have any words about the loneliness, but when people read this poetry, it is really easy to see that Li Bai wants to express the loneliness of this imprison lady.  Loneliness is a hard process that everyone needs to go through,  and sometimes loneliness is not only physical but also spiritual.

                Individual can not always have someone by the side, loneliness is a hard process that everyone needs to go through. Individual come to this world by themselves, and when individual died people still leave by themselves. People can not always look somebody to help, even parent can not accompany with individual for the whole life. When i was a child, i can not stand the loneliness, i don’t want do something by myself. I always look someone to help me, i can not think individually. I was just like the lady in Li Bai’s poetry waiting for someone to help me. When i first came to US, i found that everything has changed, i cannot relate my parents and my friends, i have to learn how to go through the loneliness. At last, i learned have to go through the loneliness, and loneliness makes me to become a better person. To be alone no matter is physical or spiritual can let individual think, and can let individual grow up to be independent. Learning how to go through the loneliness can let individual knows how to solve some difficult problem. Loneliness is not hard to go through, and that is really critical lesson that each person need to learn.

                Sometimes when people talk about the loneliness, that means the physical loneliness. In the Li Bai’s poetry it is obviously that the imprison lady is alone. She doesn’t have anybody by her side. She was waiting for some one to help her. Physical loneliness is when people doing something by themselves or just one person in one space. I had asked a lot of people that what is the most loneliness time, some of the answer is very interesting. For example, when people go to restaurant, when she go to the restroom, the waiter already took her dishes. That is why people don’t want to go to restaurant by themselves. There is a men of the hole living in the Brazilian amazon rainforest, scientist found him twenty years ago, and think he is the only person in his tribe, to insure his security, the government didn’t allow other to come to his land, He doesn’t have any company, any friends, any enemy, himself is his own world. Sometimes to be physical loneliness is not bad, that can make people to finish some work even faster, and people can focus on one thing. Sometimes people want to be alone when people need to think.

                Loneliness can also defined as spiritual loneliness. Spiritual loneliness is when people in the room which is all around people, but no one can understand, people still can feel lonely at that time. In this poetry, the lady watched the moon in the evening and she does’t want to leave, she really wants somebody can understand her loneliness. Even there are 7 billion people in this world, but it is still really difficult to find someone can really understand people’s feeling. In my opinion the spiritual loneliness is the hardest process that people need to go through. In 1992, in the norther Pacific ocean, the US Navy sonar system had detect a whale that has a very strange sound. That is the communication way between each wheal. Normally, the whale’s sound frequency is between the 15HZ to 40 HZ, but this whale’s sound frequency is 52HZ. People named this whale is 52-hertz whale. In the twenty years, this whale always by itself alone. Because it is only whale can use this 52HZ, and other whale can not understand. This whale is the most lonely whale in this world. Each person in this world is unique, and it is normal that people can not find their soulmate.

Loneliness is various, sometimes loneliness is when someone in a foreign country, when he need to fill out the emergency contact, and he doesn’t know whom he can write. Sometimes loneliness is when individual travel alone, people saw a lot of beautiful sightseeing he can only share it on the social media. Sometimes the loneliness is most close friend should call people’s nickname, but they called by the full name. Each person is their small universe, everyone is unique. Being lonely that almost everyone is afraid of. There are more than a few reason why people loathe loneliness such as feeling left out among other things. People need to build good social skills that can be the key to overcoming loneliness and a strategy of interacting with other with ease.


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