Edit my work

Edit my work

Please edit my work for grammar and punctuation. Check and make sure that I have put my punctuations correctly and fix it. Revise my work. Here it is down below.

Dear James Patterson,

your books have an influence and an impact on how each individual continues to write with their passion from the inspiration they receive by reading your commendable books that you produce. I completed reading a book written by you, the book known as The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. You created the book so beautifully. You expressed Daniel X’s characteristics and personality comprehensibly in a way that Daniel was a realistic human being. That definitely attracted myself to continue to read the book non-stop. It was difficult to put the book down at times! I was astonished by the way you processed one main key event into one whole book; the main key event of Daniel X’s journey to kill numerous aliens. You attracted my attention of the quote listed on the back. The quote mentioned, “they killed my mother and father-and I will hunt for them to the ends of the Earth.” It identified Daniel as a strong and defensive character in the book.

You have fantastic novels for teenagers like myself. It encourages me to grow up to be an author like you. One day, I hope… I work hard to achieve what I want to in life, never failing and always willing to be who I am. The way you create your books gives the reader a hint of your personality and enthusiasm in your passion of writing books. It is one of my reasons in why I want to become an author. I want the world to be informed of my personality and my feelings that I want to express. Expressing the voices of others and relating to what I go through in life. I want to raise the voices of those who don’t have the acceptance from society in this world. I hope, I hope and I hope to crack the nutshell of many people who are too shy to be who they are, worrying about society judging of who they truly are. You can definitely tell that I have a strong passion in writing and expressing my opinion.

I want to have a chance to thank you for the inspirational and motivational novels that you create. It is an honour to read and discover my first ever book I read written by you. I will look into other books written by you at some chance again. I can see your hard work and dedication to those who admire reading books that you create. You will always have my support and I’m sure many other people will offer you their support too! Continue to be a remarkable and a spectacular author. You will impress me throughout your career. Don’t listen to those who rate you as a terrible author. All they want to do is to destroy the passions of other human beings. Never give up!


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