Respond in 150-200 words to #1 and #2


1.Based on what I read in text book I finally understand that enthusiasm may be one of the most important key points that employers consider when it comes to hiring people. When you are enthusiastic of your job it makes focus more on getting things done. You will always do the best you can to prove that your job is really what you love doing. During interviews employers always try to see how enthusiastic you are about the position you will be hired for in which they can determine whether you will benefit their companies or not.

Even though my jobs is not related to what I go to school for but, I still like it because I learning some good management skills which makes me very enthusiastic. To keep my enthusiasm, I make sure every day I go to work with the same determination and motivation. And I always show to my supervisor how happy I am about my job.


2.It is a good idea to be enthusiastic at work because it shows other employees that you want to be there. When you have someone who is always in a good other people usually tend to be in a good while around them. It’s hard to be around someone who is energetic and you be in a bad mood. People with good energy attract others with good energy. When everybody is enthusiastic about their work and about being at work more of the things that need to get done are more likely to get done. I would say that I am not as enthusiastic about my current work position as I would like to be. I have gotten better about it because I changed departments and it really helped me because the people I was around before weren’t very enthusiastic and it brought my mood down as well, but the people I am around now are more enthusiastic and I am making the changes in my attitude to be a more enthusiastic person and take more pride in the work that I do. One thing I do to try to keep a positive attitude is post positive messages around my office.


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