Environmental Awareness Campaign

Environmental Awareness Campaign

ABISSAL – First ideas for the campaign


What is the target audience for this educational program?


Young adults, working age (people that are buying or already have their first house). People that live in condos (both houses and apartments) and independent houses. The house-owners have to understand the importance and be able to act (organize the disposal of waste in their homes/work and make it available to collectors) about reducing,reutilizing and dispose of waste separately.


This comes from the fact that many of these people have some kind of environmental education in middle school, but it doesn’t have a continuity when these same people go into the adult life.


Corporate leadership: how can companies reach their workers at home to recycle?


Make it part of the company culture – provide workshops that teach the collaborators about the environmental impact of incorrect waste disposal. The information has to be transmitted by the company to the employees, cultivating an environmental friendly work space.

Create a program that rewards participants for correctly disposing of waste.


“The Three R’s”


Reducing (consumer level) – Instead of buying packaged food, buy the ingredients to make that recipe instead (reduce package waste)


Recycling (infrastructure level) – Change the methods of garbage collecting and separation

(the 3 “R”s are important, but we can focus on correct disposal)


Reutilizing (consumer level) – Instead of buying a new product whenever something breaks, try to fix and give it more usage time. Reutilize plastic recipients to other ends.


Differences between households and construction sites (the two main groups)


The way the message is delivered and the language utilized has to be adequate to each group. Households are increasing waste while staying at home, while construction sites continue with roughly the same waste as before the pandemic.

For the workers at construction sites, we can use a visual language, with illustrations on the walls of the works, such as educational comic books


What is the budget for this program and what are some of the things that Abissal has tried before?


The companies would pay Abissal to implement ESG.


They have a website with videos (filmed inside), that inform people about environmental education in a more informal language.




Community events to bring awareness;


Learning process with incentives (gamification of little tasks, interaction on social media, creating a “chain of good”); Great! We can have a “trashcoin”


We could make some Google Forms and try to publicize them in easy-to-see places, in order to get data for our campaign;


Education for stay-at-home employees, raising concerns about reduction and reuse of products, as well as the conditions in which a product has to be, in order to recycle (dry and clean);


Use social media – look at trends to provide information in a way that catches the attention of the viewer;


Transform the culture: educate them and give them an outlet to execute;


“Reverse soda machines” (similar to Germany): machines that take bottles in exchange for coins.


How can we introduce recycling into new buildings being constructed?


Make sure buildings have available trash and recycle bins.




All then are very good ideas! Let’s work!


Thank you all!


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