Enzyme Pathways Discussion

Enzyme Pathways Discussion

Assignment 8 – Enzyme Pathways


An important biochemical pathway has just been discovered.  The researchers have named the enzymes in the four enzyme pathway as Enzyme S, Enzyme T, Enzyme E, and Enzyme P.  There are four substrates which are individually acted upon by one of the four enzymes.  Enzyme S works on Substrate M to make Product N.  Enzyme T works on Substrate N to make Product O.  Enzyme E works on Substrate O to make Product X.  Enzyme P works on Substrate X to make final Product Y.


If you are able to do this in word, feel free to submit it as a word document.  You can also scan a written document and submit as a pdf.  You can also take a picture with a phone and submit as a jpg.  In all cases, it is your responsibility to make sure that whatever you submit is able to be read by me or one of the Teaching Assistants.  Check your file to make sure that it is clear.


    1.  Draw the pathway described above showing substrates, products, enzymes, and anything else that you think will be helpful in answering these questions.


  1. Knowing what you know about the pathway, you want to make more Product Y.  How would you go about doing this?  Why?  Explain.













  1. You have more than enough substrate M in your test tube to make Product Y.  Over time you realize that less and less Product N is being produced.  Nothing else has been added to the tube.  Everything is correct in the system and all enzymes are functioning normally.  What do you suspect?  Explain.











  1. You are given compound W to test.  When you add W to the biochemical pathway, Product Y stops being made.  You add more Substrate M with no result.  You add substrate N with no result.  You add Substrate O to the system and now Product Y is made, but production of Product Y stops when the Substrate O you added is all used up.  You presume that some type of inhibition is occurring.  What type?  Explain why these results are occurring.


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