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In this assignment you are going to write a reflection paper. There is a description about reflective writing in your reading list as well as an example of a reflective writing.

Reflection papers are submitted through Turnitin via Blackboard. You can access this by clicking the turnitin link at the bottom of the weekly assessments. Shortly after you submit your report, you can view and “Originality Report”.This will give you an estimate of the percentage of your content that matches other sources.These are highlighted in the report.You may modify your assignment until the due date.To view your facilitator comments, go to your grade book and click on the score.This will take you to Turnitin.Then click on instructor feedback.That will take you to the Turnitin viewer.In the viewer, click on “GradeMark”.Then go to the bottom right corner of the viewer and you can click on comments and the rubric.The comments and GradeMark grammar corrections will also be highlighted within the paper.

You have read differences reflected in the split between poor hospitals in the Bronx where Marion works & rich hospitals in Boston where Stone works. Marion says in Ethiopia patients assume all illnesses are fatal & death is expected, but in America news of fatal illness “seemed to come as a surprise, as if we took it for granted that we were immortal” (p. 396).

  1. In your reflective essay reveal ways illness is viewed and treated in (a low to middle income country) & compare to United States. Verghese’s book contains commentary on medical practice in America especially foreign physicians (p. 492).
  2. Identify cultural differences in accessing care & providing care in the country you chose & reflect on what is significant to you in terms of the culture.
    1. How can quality health care be provided to patients who have cultural and socioeconomic differences from yours?
    2. What are the barriers to overcome?
    3. What strategies would you employ as a health provider deployed to that country.
  3. The minimum number of word for this assignment is 700
  4. Cite all sources of information or data that are not your own
  5. Include a reference list at the end of your report
  6. Use APA style for both in text citation and in the reference section


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