Final Research Topic

Final Research Topic

Topic- Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 Virtual Learning on School-Aged Children


Each student will be expected to submit a research proposal. The project will be developed throughout the semester and will have three parts in total: the topic and the conceptualization; the literature review; and methods sections.

The Introduction and Statement of the Problem is the first section and should contain a discussion of the magnitude and scope of the problem. In this section, you should clearly state the problem and its worthiness for a topic of study. In order to substantiate your claim, statistics that relate to your topic must be used; these statistics are gleaned from websites, newspaper or magazine articles, and journal articles.

The Literature Review grounds the research paper in a theoretical framework. This section is substantiated through peer-reviewed articles. In this section, the student should discuss findings from relevant empirical peer-reviewed research articles on the topic. The review should include at least (5) articles from a journal publication. The articles should date no further than the year 2015.

The Methodology section consists of a detailed plan (this is only a hypothetical plan for research study) that will be followed in executing research. This section will include the following items:

· The research question

· Hypothesis

o Research and null

· State independent and dependent variables

· Conceptual definitions of independent and dependent variables

· Operational definitions of independent and dependent variables

· Research design

· Description of hypothetical sampling population

· Description of sampling strategy

· Data collection procedures

· Plan for analyzing data


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