This project asks you to create a technical description and specification with an assigned group using an assigned product.

Group assignments and products will be given in class. 

*Note – For this project, you are creating a product description and specification. 


The purpose of the technical description project is to enhance how to clearly describe the features, functions, and stages of something in major and minor detail using plain style writing for understandability.

Additionally, the purpose of the technical specification project is to enhance how to reference clearly and quickly an explicit set of requirements in order to provide the necessary details about a product’s specific requirements using plain style writing for understandability.

By highlighting necessary major and minor details and explicit standards for a product, you will be able to enhance your writing ability to determine the rhetorical situation and then take any technical situation or subject and plan, research, and partition the subject with a clear purpose. This assignment will also help you to write for a specific audience in order to enhance your formal word choice, technical descriptive voice, and be sensitive to jargon.

Assignment Guidelines:

For this assignment, you will be assigned to a group, and with your group, you will create an original technical description and specification, for an identifiable audience, using an assigned product. (Group assignments and products will be given in class).

 *Note – Original means that you do not copy information or pictures from any source. Your group has to create texts and visuals for the assigned product. Groups that use texts and visuals from another source (i.e. from a website) will be marked down. 

Length and Visual Requirements:


  • Descriptions must be at least one full page (or longer) in length.
  • Descriptions must be in paragraph format and should highlight major features and functions of the product.
  • Descriptions must include headings for each major feature and function.

At least two visuals are required for descriptions.


  • Specifications must be half a page (or longer) in length.
  • Specifications must be displayed in a table format.

At least one visual is required for specifications. 

Remember all visuals must be original work.

Creative Freedom:

Groups have creative freedom with this assignment, but the basic features of a technical description and specification must be included in the final document. Groups can choose font styles and sizes, but remember visual design will be part of the grading rubric. (No large fonts just for the purpose of filling space). 


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