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  • Write a 6-8 page literature review on one of the following topics:
    • the impact of politics and/or the media on the operation of criminal justice agencies
    • challenges and theories of motivating criminal justice personnel
    • Job stress and burnout among police officers, correctional officers, or community supervision officers (either pick one or -for a more interesting paper- compare and contract the causes of stress and burnout between police officers and correctional officers).
    • analysis of a theory of leadership and its application to criminal justice agencies
    • the use of social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) by criminal justice agencies
    • police or correctional officer subculture (or more interesting, a compare/contrast of the two)
    • role conflict among community supervision (probation/parole) officers or correctional (adult or juvenile) officers
    • an analysis of how a recent Supreme Court decision (or series of related decisions) impact either law enforcement or correctional practices and administration. 
  • All papers, regardless of the chosen project, will follow APA citation and writing style guidelines. I have provided two guides to help you get the formatting of your paper correct.  No excuses will be accepted for improperly formatted papers.
  • Do not be confused by the word, “draft”!  Students are expected to submit a complete, properly formatted, paper that includes all content intended for the final submission.  In other words, the paper submitted as a “draft” should be similar to what would be turned in as a “final” paper.

Above are the topics for the paper. Must be atleast 6 pages.You can do either one of the topics

Due by March 15th at 3;00 pm


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