Grammar and Writing

Grammar and Writing

Some people believe that sport is just sort of competition and challenge. Bets and Hatreds spread throughout their minds. As a result, they will start to hate each other and even reach to hit. Actually, sport is not just a game; it is much more than this kind of people beliefs. A photographer took a picture of two players embrace each other. The match is over; there were a loser and a winner. People noticed from the two player’s eyes something much more than lost and won. This wonderful photo influence in people’s minds, its show athletes the good behaviors that two players have and how strong their friendship.

This amazing photo has positive effects in people’s mind. According to The New York Times, this photo was taken in 1970 when Brazil won the world cup against England, and it is one of the most attractive photos on a soccer field (Sec. Sport). However, I think this photo could teach children who like to play soccer to be good athletes in the future. In addition, it will limit people of athletic intolerance.

This photo also presents good manners that every athlete should have. I believe that these two players provided a great message to other players. They tell them how to respect the other opponent no matter who win or lose. Furthermore, the two players showed some loves. There is no reason for hate and offensive as long as everyone enjoyed the game. Besides that, the sympathy that they did with each other was really emotional to athletes. There was not gloating, the loser commended the winner and vice versa.

The two players have a good relationship with each other. According to, the Brazilian player who is Pele was in a friendship with the English player Moore before Moore died of cancer in 1993. Pele said that after the death of Moore, this English player was my best friend as well as the best defender I had ever played with in the world. I think that mean people can make friends instead of enemies on a soccer field.

To sum up, I believe that those two players are a great example for athletes. The two legends have taught them some lessons about how to be respectful and kind to others. Besides that, I think the wonderful photo has been admiring people who interested in sport and influencing their minds positively as well. However, the two players were great friends before the English player died. Nowadays, I wish they are still playing to show people some lessons in ethics due to the fact that today the sport is getting worse with hatreds and aversion.





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