Hardware Shop Technology Decision Alternatives and Action Worksheet

Hardware Shop Technology Decision Alternatives and Action Worksheet

You own a small hardware store. You have been in business since 1995 and have always been profitable. You’ve never seen a need to do any marketing or advertising since you were able to stay profitable without those things. Plus, you lack any real understanding of how to use technology and it makes you anxious just thinking about technology or social media. However, your son just graduated from college and came home to live with you for the summer before he starts his new marketing manager job at a big firm. He tells you that you are probably losing a big share of the market by avoiding technology and social media. He also says that many of these items can be implemented very easily, and he would volunteer to continue to manage the social media sites in his spare time even after he starts his new job.

Use the decision-making process, and outline each step, to decide whether you will begin utilizing a website and social media for your hardware store.

Use the template attached here Click for more options

to complete the assignment.

  1. Completed each step of the decision-making process/template
  2. Included accurate and complete information for each step of the process
  3. Provided a final decision along with implications for that decision