healthcare administration and management resume and cover letter make corrections and incorporate more details

Below I attached my Resume, I recently Graduated in December of 2018 In Healthcare Administration and Management, and earning my certification in Organizational Leadership. I need a tutor to fix my entire resume making corrections and incorporating more details in order to make it sound professional since I am seeking jobs. On the resume you will see words in Bold, please ensure that you are following all the instructions that way my resume can come out perfect. If I made mistakes don’t hesitate to make corrections and again add more details to make it professional like a resume!

** I am seeking jobs within the healthcare administration and management aspects working in a hospital or nursing home, so I would prefer someone who has experience working in a healthcare department and knows what to do ** Thank you!

** I would also need a tutor to create my cover letter I can fill in my personal details, I just need a tutor to do the rest, I don’t have much experience working in my major since I recently graduated but based off of my resume you can add details to the cover letter to make it stand out. The cover letter and resume shouldn’t be worded exactly the same since a cover letter will make me stand out to a department **


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